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Man Thong Pictures / Post Your Underwear Drawer
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:44:56 AM »
As part of my Thong Related New Years Resolution! I went through and purged my underwear drawer. Once I sorted through everything, I was in the mood to fold all my underwear and decided to share it here.

Once done, I ended up keeping 103 pairs in my normal rotation, 34 kept in my bottom shelf which I'll probably purge later. 61 pairs are going into the trash and another 15 plain briefs/boxer briefs I was holding on to for 'just incase' is also going.

I have another 21 new pairs in the mail.

Keepers, nicely folded. I doubt it will stay this way.. it is actually hard to fold a thong! Left 2 columns are bikini/cheeky, the rest are thongs. Its a mix of mens underwear and women's panties.

Love the textures and colors!

The pile I am parting ways with. You will be missed!  :( :'( Most of them are worn out, damaged, don't fit right, or styles that are impractical or I wouldn't wear.

Thong spaghetti

Man Thong Pictures / My (man) panties
« on: September 22, 2020, 09:30:55 PM »
Hello everyone, long time lurker here but have never posted any photos of myself yet. I have owned hundreds of thongs in all styles but I love wearing the more feminine ones lately. Anyone else? I have been experimenting with buying women's panties but so far all the ones I have bought have come up a little short. Let me know if you have any recommendations... it would be great to save a little money since the men's panties are quite expensive sometimes.

Xdress Glossy Satin Brazil Panty

Secret Male SMK005 Thong

Questions and Opinions / Throwing out old thongs and other underwear?
« on: September 18, 2020, 11:21:19 PM »
Does anyone have trouble throwing out their old thongs? I get super nostalgic when I empty my drawer to go through them...  The last time I really purged was about 6 years ago when I moved regions.

The only ones I can easily throw out easily are the ebay purchases that just did not fit right.

Luckily thongs are small so its very easy to hoard.

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