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Favorite Places / Turning Laps
« on: February 12, 2020, 06:15:44 AM »
So iím On a work trip down in SoCal at the moment and staying at a great place in Palm Springs with a lovely outdoor pool that nobodyís using mid-week.  So i decided what the heck...i came back from my meetings around 2pm and and though a bit shy about doing it...put on a thong under my square cuts and headed to the pool to do a few laps.  After realizing that nobody was around, i just peeled off the top suit and just hopped in the pool in just my thong (in my avatar pic) and did about 30 laps non-stop!
When i was done there were a few people lingering around sunning themselves...all guys, all commented on how the liked watching me swim in my tiny gear...i got out of the pool feeling great from the workout and a nice few compliments and put some oil on and hopped on a lounge to get some nice afternoon sun to work on  my thong tan line...and chatted more with a few of the guys about how/why/where i wear thongs etc etc...thinking about going back today for round #2!

Other Sites / Anyone have this one?
« on: February 10, 2020, 11:41:07 AM »

I was thinking of buying this thong...does anyone have any experience with it?

Looks very sexy!

General Discussion / PLEASE JOIN US (meaning Menís Thong Forum!)
« on: February 08, 2020, 09:00:44 AM »
For all of you casual visitors/voyeurs who are passing through this site every day just looking - why not join the club (free!) and hop into the chatter and share a bit about your thong experiences??

Itís easy, discrete and fast!

Hope to see more of you on here!!


Where to Buy / Skinfit
« on: February 03, 2020, 07:15:22 AM »
Hey guys, anyone have experience with Skinfit thongs?  I was just looking around their site and they have some pretty fun things on there...

I really like this one as something for maybe not every day wear:

Embarassing Moments / Embarrassing but Thrilling Moments?
« on: January 25, 2020, 12:48:35 PM »
I was through airport security about a year ago when i was taking a trip with an ex-BF and we had some of our fun stuff in my bag (read: lube/liquid) and since i started wearing thongs full time when i was dating him i had tons in my bag, for the pool/beach, for going out and just for fun or sleeping in.  B/c of the liquid in my bag and that my thongs were all in the same place the woman who was looking through my things turned a bit red when she saw my unmentionables and the bottle...she smiled when she saw my BF who is a total stud/beefy guy..she knew that i was the bottom and said ĎI hope you guys have fun!í. 

I was so embarrassed at first but then i was exhilarated! 

Anyone else have experiences to share?

Introductions / Thong Globetrotter!
« on: January 10, 2020, 12:51:19 PM »
Hi all,

25yo white male from the Midwest here.  I have been into (really into) thongs for the past 3yrs ever since an ex-BF introduced them to be by way of a b-day gift.  He got me a custom Muscleskins poser thong in this really sexy wet look black material...he loved it on me and bought me a few more as gifts.  Heís not around anymore but the thongs are and i wear them all the time.  I now have around 25 thongs from all sorts of makers...mostly underwear types but have a few swim thongs too. 

I look forward to chatting with you all!

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