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Exciting Moments / Re: Kinda weird massuese
« Last post by sensu4 on April 18, 2024, 02:28:44 AM »
To be honest I doubt the "management" there would care for much even if you said anything. Especially when whoever surreptitiously took over the massage was the only one left when I was leaving.

It didn't bother me that much as during the massage they do focus on the buttocks area and I don't particularly find that area, or any area these days to be honest, sexual whatsoever. If anything I guess I'd class myself as "asexual" when I was younger and nowadays just worn out way too much to notice anything :)

What bothered me more was the mediocre massage I received. But just stating that I've never had anyone so forthright before. However I have been trying to tone up my glutes very hard for the past few weeks and didn't really see much of a gain, so kinda boosted my ego I guess?
Exciting Moments / Re: Kinda weird massuese
« Last post by WizardWednesday on April 16, 2024, 05:15:46 PM »
That sounds like really unprofessional behavior. It sounds like you feel uncomfortable about the situation after the fact. Do you think it might be a good idea to inform management of that studio of what happened?
Exciting Moments / Kinda weird massuese
« Last post by sensu4 on April 13, 2024, 07:19:40 AM »
It's been a long time since I've worn any underwear during massages. I used to prefer being in thong or g-string and be seen in one rather than nude, but I've since lost the excitement of wearing a thong and plus it's easier when not wearing anything.

Just went to one today and undressed, took my mini thong off and covered myself with the little towel and laid down. The masseuse comes in, super friendly, takes out a large sheet and covers me with the and takes away the little towel.

Now this is where it got weird. She was like "Oh my so beautiful" and then starts tapping my butt playfully and then keeps going and then slowly rubbing her hands over it and keeps talking about it.

Then she playful lifts up the top of the sheets and goes "Oh wow" or something to that effect, fondles it again and covers me back up...

Then the massage starts and I didn't think nothing of it but the longer it went I noticed that it got very quiet. Towards the end the massage wasn't that great and the woman did not say a single word, except to go outside a few times. I think whoever the first lady was switched without me knowing it, or it was some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kinda thing?
General Discussion / Re: Andrew Christian - Increased selection
« Last post by aninterestingguy on April 12, 2024, 05:10:45 PM »
I just picked up one of their modal cheeky thongs at their factory story (I swing by every time I'm in the area) and I treat it like my PJs thong for lounging around the house. it's so insanely comfortable. I don't think they ever put the one I bought into mass production as I couldn't find it on their site.

my favorite thong, possibly of all time, was the Andrew Christian Apex Thong as it just fit better than any other thong ever and its style was simple and classic.
Reviews / Re: Has anyone tried Gauvine thongs?
« Last post by jdstring on April 06, 2024, 07:46:50 PM »
Guess you probably went ahead. Missed this until now. Iíve bought a few Gauvineís from DGU myself. Great do,our selections in the Colours of the Planet range, particularly the purple.

So far Iíve been impressed for the price. They wash well and arenít falling apart unlike some of the other brands Iíve had. I think theyíre better made than Doreanse. Iíve found Doreanse can be a hit and miss and have thrown a few pairs away, which I havenít done with other brands.

The Gauvine Colours of the Planet 1000 and 1005 ranges are the ones Iíve bought. 1000 is similar to some of the Doreanse ones Iíve bought in terms of coverage at the front is very generous. They look more like briefs from the front. The strap isnít too wide though, so I guess theyíve got a bit of best of both worlds going on!

I think they are fairly true to size.

General Discussion / Re: Andrew Christian - Increased selection
« Last post by jdstring on April 06, 2024, 07:31:08 PM »
They have really upped their game with thongs the last few years in my view. I own a fair few now. Know what you mean about them being flamboyant, which I don’t mind, but not always tasteful either (which I do mind). I bought a jock from them a while ago and didn’t realise until it arrived it had “Trophy Boy” on the waistband.  ::) Don’t know how I missed that.

Wore one of their Y-back thongs yesterday. Dare I say it but I actually prefer their Y backs to C-IN2’s now and I own a load of C-IN2’s. The modal fabric Andrew Christian has is incredibly comfy. I have one Y back that is black but the string is blue, which is a nice contrast.
I’ve recently treated myself to the Happy Modal thong in both colours (pink and charcoal). The material is so soft.

Probably one of my favourites from them in recent years is the Almost Naked Glamour thong. Like the design and the material is again very soft.

They wash and wear very well.
General Discussion / Andrew Christian - Increased selection
« Last post by aninterestingguy on April 01, 2024, 02:56:45 PM »
I just noticed today that Andrew Christian has WAY more thongs on their site than they have historically , and most of them are reasonably tasteful which is another problem they tend to have by being overly flamboyant. IF you're looking, this is a good time to get new ones from AC.
General Discussion / Re: New to thongs. Need guidance
« Last post by SunnyP on March 29, 2024, 06:44:04 AM »
If I had to add to the list of companies to get thongs from I would say give JM thongs a go from Canada, they are my go to regular wear thongs for everyday wearing, they give you that feeling of not wearing anything.

On the subject of string or g-string style thongs I would highly recommend Barcode Berlin ones, German company but products ship from Portugal but ship round Europe very quickly, I did think that they were gone be uncomfortable as I'm not a fan of g-string's or string thongs but their Miran style string thongs are SUPER COMFORTABLE, highly recommended.
General Discussion / Exploration, apropos a assay
« Last post by Barrytar on March 15, 2024, 10:57:07 PM »
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General Discussion / Re: Have You Ever Been Called Out
« Last post by Rjthongs on February 20, 2024, 06:39:38 AM »
I've worn thong underwear for 25+ years.  I know my friends and family have seen them on me as my jeans or shorts slipped down a bit.  The only person that actually called me out on it was my brother-in-law on a vacation where is saw my thong under my boardshorts and asked if I was wearing a thong.  I told him yes and that I also wore them as my underwear everyday too.
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