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Questions and Opinions / Re: Exposed or concealed waistband?
« Last post by irthonger on September 24, 2022, 06:00:14 PM »
I like both styles. there are some brands with thin waistbands like doreanse. The air thong is pretty nice. very light and thin.
Questions and Opinions / Re: Does your son know you wear thongs?
« Last post by irthonger on September 24, 2022, 05:57:04 PM »
my son doesn't even care. he just sees them as underwear.
Questions and Opinions / Re: Thongs and scrubs
« Last post by irthonger on September 24, 2022, 05:56:04 PM »
yeah, go for a cheeky style like daniel alexander or cover male or joe snyder. they have very thin seems on the outside. I tend to wear them for long car rides.
Questions and Opinions / Re: Do They Know I'm Wearing A Thong?
« Last post by irthonger on September 24, 2022, 05:54:11 PM »
I really don't think anyone but us would think about that. unless you can see a thong outline you cant tell the difference between briefs or boxer briefs even if they do show lines. some boxer briefs dont even show lines. I really don't think it even matters or anyone would see it. you should be fine.
Reviews / Re: Ikingsky
« Last post by RCBlue on September 17, 2022, 11:27:07 AM »
I absolutely adore my IKingsky thongs doe daily wear. The material is comfortable. I forget that I am wearing one when I have one on. Iíve had a few things for a couple years now and they have held up well.
Reviews / Calvin Klein
« Last post by dapotatoman23 on September 17, 2022, 09:02:17 AM »
Calvin Klein needs no introduction, and for one, I am grateful that a big name like CK produces thongs for men (it even says best seller on their website!). I understand that CK used to have a few variety of men's thongs in the past, although unfortunately, I am rather late into the game to try those ones. Without further ado, I'll be reviewing the CK men's thong:

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Thong
CK's thongs mostly come in black, and this was the colour I had. Frankly, I found the look of the thong to be rather unappealing, particularly when compared to their women counterparts; although I could sense that the design inherently looks rather 'masculine', with its jockstrap-like front. Whilst the thong is made of cotton, it felt rather thick and rough, and I'd similarly describe the waistband as rough. As such, I didn't like wearing this one too often since the material didn't feel very nice between the cheeks. Being a major underwear brand does have its perks though, since the front pouch is very well designed and is ergonomic; it doesn't squeeze the package and has plenty of room to breathe. I felt that the waistband isn't very elastic, and occasionally bunches up when getting up from a slouched position. I find it rather disappointing that Calvin's thongs are this way, and I personally wished they'd make something that's much more similar to their women's variety both in cut and material.

Fit: 3/5
Look: 2.5/5
Comfort: 2/5
Quality 3/5
Reviews / Re: Ikingsky
« Last post by dapotatoman23 on September 17, 2022, 08:16:32 AM »
How is the material with Ikingsky? I keep on seeing these Chinese brands with weird names on Amazon like Summer Code, Arjen Kroos, Brave Person, or Ikingsky, and have always been curious about them... but I always find myself being put off by their names which sound like incredibly strange knock-offs...
Questions and Opinions / Re: Swimming Thong
« Last post by dapotatoman23 on September 17, 2022, 08:08:36 AM »

These are all of my thong swimsuits. 5 of them are from Gregg Homme. I got them while they were on sale.

Oh wow, I had no idea Punto Blanco did swim thongs! Where did you get those?
Questions and Opinions / Re: Do They Know I'm Wearing A Thong?
« Last post by dapotatoman23 on September 17, 2022, 07:54:07 AM »
I often wear light coloured trousers, trousers with thin fabric, or otherwise sweat pants and I can say that most of the time, there will be a visible thong line (unless you're wearing a g-string). I even have a pair of so called "invisible thongs" that do not have lining, but the colour still goes through. So if I see a guy without underwear lines, I'd assume he is wearing boxers/boxer briefs.

Either way, for myself, I don't really care if people can see my thong.
Reviews / Groovin'
« Last post by dapotatoman23 on September 17, 2022, 02:23:34 AM »
Groovin' is a Thai brand of underwear that apparently has a Japanese founder called 'Masashi Sakai' from what I was able to gather. With that, the brand advertises its underwear to have "Japanese design" and come in very colourful boxes. I purchased a few pairs at a large department store on a recent trip to Thailand. In addition to thongs, as well as the usual boxers and briefs, the brand also carries jockstraps, tangas, string bikinis, and g-strings.

Groovin' Thong
This thong is made of Nylon and Lycra and comes in a variety of solid colours. The material is very soft and almost silky, but without the glossy look of other thongs made with similar materials. The waistband itself is rather elastic although with many Asian brands, the sizes do run rather small; as such buying one size up is recommended. The front itself is rather low-rise and reminded me that of the Gregg Homme Torridz thong. It also doesn't feature a very large front and my package occasionally slip out the sides as a result even when not hard; as such there isn't much of a bulge. Despite that, I loved the mixed thong and string back (looks like the Hom Freddy Thong), and the soft material of the string made it very comfortable between the cheeks. Aside from the small front part, the quality is excellent as the thong kept its colour and build after several washes and use.

Fit: 3/5
Look: 3/5
Comfort: 3/5
Quality: 4/5

Groovin' Waistband Thong
This thong is made of polyamide and lycra and also comes in a variety of colours. The material is much silkier than the above thong, but just as soft. The front with this one is much much wider almost that it looks unflattering from the front, but it is rather comfortable to wear. It didn't hurt that the fabric felt a lot more elastic too. By design, there isn't a protruding bulge, but the elasticity of the fabric really outlines the shape of the package. The back strap was relatively nice and looks a lot like a traditional thong back.

Fit: 3.5/5
Look: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Quality: 4/5

Groovin' Accent Thong
This thong is very similar in design and material with the first thong but with white lining. Interestingly, the waistband itself a bit wider on this one, which I feel might be a defect. The front itself is a bit more high high-rise compared to the first thong, so it looks a bit more conservative on the front. Thankfully this thong has a bit of a larger front which made it a lot more comfortable for the package. Like the first thong, I loved the mixed thong and string back, it is very comfortable to wear. The quality is excellent like the others.

Fit: 4/5
Look: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Quality: 5/5

Groovin' G-String
This G-String is made of nylon and spandex and features perforation on its fabric for breathability. The string is free size and adjustable and comes in two sizes (F and FF), the latter having more waistband. Due to the holes on the fabric, the material isn't as soft as the others but I feel this would be excellent for athletic use. The pouch is a good size and ensures the package isn't squeezed. The strings are very soft to the feel and didn't make it uncomfortable for prolonged use. I only disliked that it all came in white but with a different colours in its lining.

Fit: 5/5
Look: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
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