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Spray Tanning with thong
« on: August 25, 2022, 09:07:15 PM »
Yei. Today I was so happy,
so I had an appoitment for local spray taning salon, which only 3 4 nice girls are working.

So in the phone i was told, to exfoliate my skin, take a shower, and dress up in minimal bathing suit. (bitch of course i will wear thong) :)

I went there, 2 nice ladies welcome me, currently they charge 40$ but it is buy one get one free,
The lady that does this spray tan, hold airbrush, is called `artist`. and she told , I am your artist. I was so happy.

She showed the room, made the orientation.. and told me that she will wait outside for me to dress off .
i ask, do you mind if i wear thong? and she replied... `of course not, it is the perfect choice...`..

so i dressed off to my black spandex thong. i was waiting .. the door knocked. she came in. and ask if i am ready...
I joked, i hope you dont have a shock because of my apperance.. she said, `hmm I actually like it tho`...

then it was proffessional start. she started to spray. .
She asked me to separe legs more , the was bended, and working out my thights..
then the front.. i saw she looked million times to my bulge..

in the end, she ask,
if i want to keep thong tanning lines..

(of course bitch!) but i played , hmm yes i think so, what to you think..
she said, you should totally keep the thong lines.. it is so sexy..
I told , I will listen you then..

after that she told me that i can rest, and use towel, so she would bring, attendance card.
i stayed with thong.. looking my self in the mirror.

then the door is knowcked. she entered. and i showed my taning line, sliding the thong from back.
and she agreed that it was so good job.

after then we saluted each other, , in reception. and she told her name, so next time, that again she can take care of me.

you guys, belive or not, this was better exprience for me, than the going massage with thong.