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Incremental evolution
« on: January 10, 2019, 12:02:43 PM »
During the 1980s I lived in the Tampa Bay Area.  One weekend I was going to camp at Ft Desoto and stop at Walmart to buy a swimsuit.  Since I was camping alone I decided to try a plain speedo style, previously I always wore traditional trunks. 
What a revelation!  I loved the feel of the sun and wind while wearing a Lycra suit that was just a few ounces of fabric.  There were added bonuses; quick to dry and a few admiring glances from some older women (I was in my 30s).  Compared to wearing dork shorts, now I would almost not go to the beach or pool it I canít wear at most a beachndance microsuit.
Living so close to the beach I soon purchased several more bikini swimsuits, each time searching for ones with smaller sides and backs.  Then one day I saw a boutique shop that had a rack of basic black thongs and took the plunge.  I wore it to more isolated beach north of Clearwater.  I loved the sense of freedom and felt it was the next best thing to being nude.
Keep in mind, in the 1980s thongs for men and women were a new fashion trend.  I then noticed even Macyís in Tampa had a decent selection of menís thong swimwear.  Although I was nervous shopping for them, but I bought several and wore them to the beach. 
Next progression was when driving to Clearwater beach, seeing the Skinzwear retail shop.  That is where I purchased some of my favorite neon zebra stripe.  I had also become comfortable enough to stroll on the beach and swim in my thong.  Fortunately there were frequently a few other men and women in thongs.
In the early 90s I moved to the Houston area.  I made a few trips to Galveston but the beach was a disappointment after living in Fla.  My thong days began to fade for several years.  Then around 2005, I moved to the country and a home on a few acres.  I now enjoy working outdoors in a thong or even nude gardening.  But I miss the social and (honestly) the exhibition and voyeur aspects of a thong beach with others.  When I visit Fla, I always try to make time for thongs at Ft Desoto or if on the east coast, nude time at Blind Creek beach.


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Re: Incremental evolution
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2019, 02:19:27 PM »
It looks like an almost natural development.
As a kid I always wanted the smallest underwear when I went shopping with my mother. Later I wanted the smallest model in swimgear. Around 1980 I wore tangas, a sort of stringbikini. Then quite moderate thongs. After I discovered Beachndance, I started with her thongs. Those thongs got smaller and smaller. Then g-strings and the pouches were also getting smaller and smaller. With more confidence come the reduction in swimwear. Now it is a g-string with a pouch that covers just what is needed to stay legal.
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Re: Incremental evolution
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2019, 03:08:54 AM »
I swam as a kid through HS and that entire time I wore speedos without even thinking about it.  It wasnít until senior year of college i got a couple catalogues in the mail, one being Skinzwear...i thought WOW!   A year after college i was dating a guy who just made the switch for me...he bought me 2 JS bulge thongs and started tossing out my other boxer briefs and the like (he did it with my approval), then got me a couple Jovana and Muscleskins........and that was a couple yrs back, thatís it!  Now its thongs 98% of the time!