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« on: August 01, 2019, 11:11:48 PM »
At this forum I have shared the support I got from my wife for wearing thongs as underwear as well as tanning in our backyard at home. A couple of days ago I wanted to wear my new blue Manstore thongs swimwear to the pool of our small vacation resort. This was the first time I wanted to wear a swimthong in "public". She was strongly opposing  :-[. Her argument was that she did not want to confront others with my butt cheeks because they had no other place to go. My question, what about this at the beach? No go...
So unfortunately a day at the resort pool in a tiny speedo :)


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Re: Pool
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2019, 02:18:03 AM »
Where is this resort?  Did you see other thongers at this resort? I think you can get your wifeís approval if you can show her that there are other thongers around.


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Re: Pool
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This is a small vacation resort of 8 apartments in Northern Italy. No one else walks in thongs. Majority of the men in surf pants. So in this case no chance to change her mind with examples.


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Re: Pool
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Thatís too bad. It really is an amazing feeling wearing a thong on the beach and jumping into the ocean!


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Re: Pool
« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2021, 01:46:58 AM »
I just went to the same pool for a second time around in my thong. The first time when I finished up the changing room was kinda packed ,with a mix of middle age to older folks, and maybe two teens. I just went in there with only the slightest of hesitations and changed out of my thong suit into my thong underwear. It was kinda ironic (Alanis I am using it right?) that I was concerned about wearing my underwear thong considering I had been just out all this time in my swim thong, this one here

This time around I wore a dessue blue thong, which I just adored intially but I would rather have a size S than M. The locker room was packed when I got there and not empty like the first time. I was weary this time around of getting undressed, I don't know why. The crowd that was relatively younger than the last time, except for a much older man. But by the time I was taking off my shoes they all left. I mean I was DEFINITELY going to wear my thong suit.

I went out and there was the usual receptionist, it's always good to see her. And outside were the younger men and a swim coach (late 20's maybe?) and a girl she was teaching (probably early 20's) I don't think they caught much sight of me walking in, just assumed a bikini or speedo.

I was doing laps and probably evident at that time with them on the left and the other crowd on my right. The girl in the pool was looking at my when I was facing her a few times.
I just did my usual and started chatting to the older man who was trying to swim, giving him tips and what not :P.

After nearly finishing up I walked out of the pool and into the changing area for a short trip, the old man was there getting ready to go. He started chatting asking if I came here often, and I was talking about other pools and saying how I was just getting back into it. I also mentioned that I was just trying out with thongs not knowing where I could, just as a way to introduce the topic; I was just going to wear them anyway.

And then walked back out and grabbed my water bottle and towards the sauna. The two girls were at that end now and they clearly did a double take followed by a slight stare and look away. I could see the girl in the pool keep looking as I walked by almost tracking me from mid way after she broke of her stare and between the trainers legs. It was kinda funny :P

Sauna till finish and this point the girl and trainer were leaving but at reception it was the receptionist (older by attractive and kind face), the trainer and this other girl who usually hangs out at the reception at times. I was walking with the man who I was conversing with in the sauna and went over across the reception for a cold shower and then walked back out, the two other girls were kinda spread apart and the trainer immediately in front towards 3 o'clock, receptionist at 9 and other younger girl at 10:30 ish with the reception table blocking her view. I don't think she'd seen my thong as I was walking towards the receptiong (glass windows and doors) but was there the other day when I was wearing one as well. As soon as I cleared the reception table and she could see me, I could see her look straight down at my thong, without hiding she was looking from the side and probably was looking as I walked into the changing room.

On the way out it was just the receptionist. I said bye and left :) Day two of public pool thonging.