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Andrew Christian Thongs
« on: October 09, 2020, 10:57:54 AM »
A couple months  ago I picked up two swim thongs from Andrew Christian. I had not had the chance to wear them until just the other day. I must say I was impressed. The fit was spot on. The thong has to be one of the most comfortable thongs I have worn (and I have worn a lot of thongs). The quality is excellent. The material in soft yet durable. There were only two colors to choose from, black or pink. I got one of each. I see they are now sold out, unfortunately (yet they have great underwear styles). I met my friend at the beach and she tells me how much she likes the black thing I am wearing and wants to take a couple pictures for herself. Her third photo she stops and looks up at me and says; “Your D**k looks huge in that thong, let me get a good angle.”  I let her shoot a couple more photos. Now she has seen me in many many things over the years and never commented on my size but once before a couple weeks ago when I wore a N2N thong, and then it wasn’t like this. A little while later a friend of hers that I’ve met a couple times before shows un and my friend asks me to stand up and show her my thong. “Doesn’t his D**k look big in that suit?” She says to her friend. They both agree and laugh. If this isn’t a confirmation of a great thong for my body I don’t know what is.


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Re: Andrew Christian Thongs
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2020, 08:12:18 AM »
Couldn't agree more.  This is def a great thong. With it selling out, hopefully they will do another one for next season.