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Wearing a thong at the tailors
« on: June 29, 2021, 09:36:40 AM »
I just finally made the breakthrough of wearing a thong to the pool and alongside the elation and triumph of having done that was getting more suits. I have this one custom made one which has been a bit too long on the back and doesn't fit quite right.

I went to get it altered and went to the local franchise which does alterations. I walked in and asked the woman in reception if they altered swimwear. She had a sheepish grin and asked what kind of swimwear. I was somewhat incoherent as I started saying oh it's here, a thong... swimsuit and pulled it out of the bag and put it on the counter.

I told her that it was too high for me and wanted it altered, she didn't quite know what I wanted so asked, so I showed her that I wanted the thong back to be shortened. She asked if the front was ok and how much from the back. I kinda had a guestimate from having tried it at home and kinda fumbled along saying oh I don't, know maybe like 2 inches from the center of the thong, to which she said it would be from where the t-back would join the thong part. She pinned the area I marked out.

Then it seemed like I wasn't too sure of it and since she wasn't going to offer any suggestions, I made a bold move and said that I could try it on if it's ok. She readily said yes without any issue. So I went ahead and put it on.

I opened the door and no one was there. Mind you this kinda looks out towards the reception but wouldn't be quite visible. I said I was ready and kinda held the door closed, a woman can and asked if she could come in, it was one of the ladies in the back. I didn't know it would be someone else.

So there I was in a hat, hiked up t-shirt and my swim thong which I had pinched in the back to make it sit at the level I wanted to on my hips. I had turned around at this point and showed her what I wanted and she as she was asking questions, got down to the level of my thong. I was showing her what I wanted and she was making adjustments and pulling it snugger and I said that's good but maybe a tiny bit more. She said she would add a few more cms on top of the marking. I was looking at her either by turning around or through the two mirrors in the changing room.

I always did have this scenario in my head of getting a seamstress to alter the suit and being measured while doing so. It happened as a matter of fact and quite casually, I wish I had looked back down more and relished it properly. But either way  it felt like too good to be true even though I was right there experiencing it.  :D