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Apartment building
« on: July 11, 2021, 12:47:59 AM »
I usually wake up early everyday and on sundays it's nice and quiet inside and outside. I went on my morning run and when I got back decided to throw in some laundry while waiting for the water to heat up to take a shower.

The laundry is up a flight of stairs towards the end of the hall with two frosted glass panels. I took up my laundry and then stripped down to my thong and put everything in the wash and headed down. By the time it was done I ran up and took a chance again in my thong to throw it all into the dryer. I figured it was early enough no one would be up yet.

I came back and hit the showers and put on my bio-oil to my butt and didn't want to wear any clothes to let it absorb fully. So I had to run back up to check the clothes, at this point I could hear some chatter in the apartment on that floor. Clothes were still a bit damp so left it there and went to check on it again in a while.

I kinda checked to see if the coast was clear before heading up. I went up closed the door behind me, and thankfully so. I started unloading the dry clothes and I could hear somebody coming down the hall. I was kinda sure they wouldn't open the door if they heard someone in the laundry room as it's small and usually only one person can do anything at a time. I don't know how much could be seen from there point of view, from mine it was a pretty opaque glass with just brightness coming through.

I waited to hear if they were heading out of the building or not and then headed out. I could see from the staircase that a woman I hadn't seen before, was heading back up. Her things were all on the ground floor and probably went to get something. I hurried back onto my floor and swung close the door at the start of the stairway leading to my apartment's hallway. She would've been just about turning into view of me as I was going in.

When I turned back however, the door had swung back open wide enough and I saw her looking at me. She said "Hi," and I returned the same. I'm pretty sure she seen me from the front wearing my red banded redherring thong. Not sure if she'd seen the back though. It's this one here -

I've worn a thong to the beach and pool so not sure why I was so hesitant. She seemed to have a smile on her face and seemingly enjoyed it, should've been a bit more forth coming I suppose :P