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Hello from the UK
« on: February 01, 2022, 04:10:25 AM »
Hey guys!

My name is Paul and Iíve recently started wearing thongs more regularly.

I bought my first thong at the age of 18, but didnít feel comfortable in my own skin wearing it. I guess transitioning from boxers to thongs was a bit too much at once. I ended up throwing my thong away and then bought another one a few months later before throwing it away again. This went on for a few years until last year, when I turned 31, and I challenged myself to start wearing briefs as I love the look of smaller underwear.

After about five months of only wearing briefs, I challenged myself to wear thongs for 7 days in a row. So I bought some, and after 7 days I felt very comfortable in them; I didnít feel like people knew my secret at all! So I now wear them every weekend, and whenever I have an extended period off work (two weeks at Christmas for example!)

Iíd love to transition to wearing thongs full time, but frequently get in my head, thinking it is wrong/feminine. Does anyone else feel like that? How do you overcome that feeling?


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Re: Hello from the UK
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2022, 01:25:44 PM »
First welcome on board and congratulations on doing something you like. The best way to get past the idea that it is wrong or somehow ďfeminineĒ to wear a thong is to simply wear one more. If you can, throw out the old scripts of what and how a real man is supposed to dress. If you are confident you can pull of anything you deem to be right for you. Besides who will know what you are wearing under your pants? No one really knows or cares to be honest. That is unless you are with someone that youíre going to be more intimate with. Then it is my experience that it is a huge turn on and that can be fun. If you have a partner that approves it can be a huge boost to confidence and lead to more wearing of thongs. Mostly take your time moving toward that which feel right for you. I remember doing that when I frost started wearing thong underwear and then later swimwear. It took some time to find my stride and then my comfort with others knowing. I hid wear a thong for a long time early on. As I got comfortable with myself it simply became a daily choice. Last, in my opinion the most masculine thing you can do is be confident in you and what you wear. When you are others will respond positively.


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Re: Hello from the UK
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2022, 11:42:19 PM »
It is not feminine to wear thongs made for men.  I wear thongs and g strings exclusively and don't feel feminine.  I threw out all of my other underwear to avoid any temptation to wear something else.  After 13 months,  I only think of them as normal underwear now. 

You will love it 🤪


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Re: Hello from the UK
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2022, 09:18:17 PM »
Hello and welcome. They are just underwear there is nothing feminine about it. Even if it is made of lace or mesh or whatever. They are not womens underwear, ours have a proper pouch for the twig and berries. There is nothing feminine about feeling sexy as a man. Just think of it as feeling sexy in a manly way. lol. It is just clothing and it is just underwear. It serves a purpose. I wear kilts often. They are traditionally worn by men, and so are thongs. Look at the many cultures that used a similar garment. One off the top of my head is fundoshi in japan. A bra is pretty feminine. I am really torn about skirts though... A skirt by name is feminine but in history men have worn various lengths of cloth that are basically a skirt. I really like the pleats and tartan of kilts but I like when women have pleated tartan skirts as well.... I am in a dilemma. but underwear for men is manly. there is no dilemma for that one. lololololol